About the Clitoris

The clitoris is often the most sexually sensitive part of a woman's body. The clitoris, like the head of the penis, contains numerous concentrated bundles of nerve endings that respond gratifyingly to touch and other types of stimulation.

Recent research has shown that the sensitive clitoral tissue is not just the flesh that is externally visible. The clitoris actually has 18 anatomical parts. The portion of the clitoris that one can see is just the beginning, while most of the volume of the clitoris lies beneath the surface.

The clitoris and its associated nerve endings extend into a much larger area. In fact, some G-spot stimulation and anal stimulation, for women, may be in part due to of the complexities of nerve endings associated with clitoral tissue. Inside the body, the clitoral shaft separates into two legs that extend for about three inches on both sides of the vaginal opening. The entire clitoris consists of erectile tissue. During sexual arousal this tissue fills with blood and becomes stiff and sensitive.

Most women are unable to achieve orgasm with vaginal stimulation alone. So understanding the clitoris is often the key to orgasm and sexual satisfaction for most women. Each woman likes different types of clitoral stimulation.

Some women like direct stimulation like touching the clitoris, head on with a finger, a palm, tongue, or toy. Some women prefer indirect stimulation like touching the area around the clitoris or touching the clitoris through the clitoral hood. Some women like gentle caressing while others desire more pressure. Some like clitoral stimulation to be slow while others like it fast and firm.

The best way to know how to clitorally please a woman is to ask her to give you feedback. If you listen, follow directions and practice you can learn quite a lot while making your lover wonderfully happy.

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